How to export/import contacts in Gmail

How To Import Contacts In Gmail

1- The procedure of Importing Contacts to your Gmail Account follows the same steps from Step No.1-6 given below (See How To Export Contacts In Gmail) however, what else you need to do is to just download a CSV template from your Gmail account before signing in to your account.

2- Once you are done, you will have to Edit this exported file in a spreadsheet application for example Google Sheets or Ms. Excel and then start adding contacts one by one either by Copy/Paste or by Typing them by yourself.

3- Now click on the File button which is placed at the top left side of this page, this will open a drop down menu where you need to select Save and press Yes to confirm your decision.

4- Now go back to your browser where you have opened your Google Contacts and select the Import option which is located on the left side and choose either CSV File Format or vCard File Format and press Select File.

5- Search for the CSV file on your computer and Open it. When your file gets opened, click on Import so that your CSV contacts will get Imported to the Google Account.

6- This is an additional step in which you will select the Find Duplicate button which is at the top of this page and then choose Merge All option so that all your duplicate and original contacts will be combined and it will also help you save some time.

How To Export Contacts In Gmail

1- In order to Export the contacts of your Gmail Account you first of all have to open the link in a web based search engine.

By doing so will take you to the Contacts page of your Gmail Account but only if you are already logged in to your Gmail Account. However, if you are not logged in to your Gmail Account, you will first have to open your Gmail Account by entering the email address and password of your Gmail Account.

2- Once you reach the Contacts page, you will see an option named as Go To The Old Version which is located at the lower left corner of the same page.

The Old Version is necessary for this procedure because Exporting Contacts is not supported by the newer version of Gmail’s Contacts App.

3- In the next step you will have to find More button located at the top of this Contacts Page. Once you find More, click on it. It will open a list of different options in which you will have to choose Export option.

4- Again a window will open showing different options in which you need to select All Contacts.

5- Then in the same window as above you will be given multiple formats as to how you want to Export your contacts.

Few more advance steps:

1- If you wish to copy your contacts to another Gmail Account, you will need to choose Google CSV Format.

2- If you wish to copy your contacts to any other email service for instance Outlook or Yahoo Mail then you will need to choose Outlook CSV Format.

3- If you wish to copy your contacts to Apple Email Service then you will need to choose vCard Format.


6- Lastly, click on Export button and then your Gmail Contacts file will be downloaded to your computer.

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