Important features of Gmail

Features are those characteristics of any specific thing which make it stand out from others. Apart from just sending and receiving emails electronically, Gmail also provides numerous other features. Following are the features of Gmail being mentioned which its users must be aware of:-

Arrangement of Chats:-

The first amd foremost feature of Gmail which makes it stand out is how it arranges our email messages and compile it one Conversational Thread.

In this modern era where people are in constant communication through email messages, going through each and every email again and again sounds very complexed and this feature offered by Gmail makes our email messages just a tap ahead.

Highlighters/ Markers For Important Emails:-

Gmail offers this amazing feature to its users that Gmail itself puts up a yellow tag beside email messages which Gmail thinks as to be important for you. However, you need to turn on the Show Markers feature which is available under the Setting of your Gmail Inbox so that you can make the most of this feature.

Unsend Email Messages:-

As the name itself suggests that Gmail App provides this feature that if a user has sent an email which he did not want to send in the first place so within the next 10 seconds he can Undo this email by clicking on the Settings options which is given under General, there you will find a button named as Undo Send.

This feature of Gmail is enabled by default so whenever you send an email, this Undo Send option appears right below the Search dialog box.


Gmail classifies its emails with the help of labels so that the right email falls into the right category. For example, Inbox, Trash, Spam, Archived these are the labels which keep the emails separated from each others. This is the signature feature of Gmail App which no other email service provides.

Active Filters:-

One feature that makes Gmail absolutely incompetent with the rest of the email providers is its Filtering Feature. Google allows its users to find a decades old file within a matter of seconds.

Gone are the days when users would keep on searching with multiple keywords for one email or one file. Gmail’s active filter helps the users to find their long lost files which the other email services still lack in provision.

Preferred Inbox:-

This is a special kind of inbox offered by Gmail to its users in which the most Prioritised Emails appear at the top. Such emails include unread emails, starred emails or emails which are highlighted as important.

In this way a user can easily get hold of his important emails as well as newly received emails without having to go through the whole inbox.

The features mentioned above are those features which are essential for a smooth usage of Gmail App.

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