How to make your Gmail account secured

One of the most convenient and reliable feature of Gmail App is that it is very much concerned with the security of its account holders. Gmail gives utmost value to the privacy of its users. In order to make your Gmail Account secured and protected, the following steps can be used:-

Step No. 1: For making your Gmail Account secured, first and foremost you need to sign in to your Gmail Account. Once you are logged in to your account, you will see your profile display picture which is located at the right corner of this page at the top of the screen.

Then you will have to choose My Account which will lead you to the Security Settings of your Account. Once you see the option Sign-In And Security, click on it first and then secondly click on option Sign In To Google.

Step No. 2: The next step is Setting of a new password for your Gmail Account so that your account will be protected from any kind of hackers or mischievous users.

You should try to look for a Stronger password as keeping as Weaker password makes your account even more vulnerable to hacking and other activities like that.

Gmail also offers this option in which you can get tips about creating a Strong password by clicking on Common Password Mistakes which will help you ignore these mistakes.

This procedure includes clicking on Password given under Password And Sign-In option. This step will first ask you to enter your Current Password and then your New Password.

You will have to confirm your New Password one more time so that if you made any mistake in typing, that mistake of yours will be recovered. Lastly, press the Confirm button to implement your settings.

Tip:- In order to strengthen the credibility of your password, make sure to add at least 1 or 2 letters, symbols or numbers from the Upper Case Letters Or Numbers given at the top most bar of your keyboard. This combination will make it difficult for the hacker to crack the password of your Gmail Account.

Step No. 3: The last and the final step includes enabling of the two-steps verification which is also known as two-factor authentication. Once you turn on two-step verification in your account, you will be asked to enter your password as well as one additional attribute to Sign in to your Gmail Account.

In order to add this two-step verification feature to your Gmail Account, you need to turn on 2-step Verification which is given under the Password And Sign In Method.

Once this option gets enabled, you will be asked to enter a working mobile phone number. This number will then be used by Gmail to send you a code which will work as a secondary identifier for your Gmail Account.

These few simple steps given above can be used to make the Security of your Gmail account stronger.

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