Steps to recover you Gmail account password

In this modern era where letter writing has almost vanished and people have completely switched to the electronic media, we are in need of web based email services through which we can send/receive emails in least possible time. One of the most commonly used web-based email service is Gmail by the Team Google.

It can be accessed freely from any part of the world. After having many upgrades in the software, Gmail users can now have access to their email accounts on their mobile devices with unlimited free storage and can even connect it with their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and built-in search filtering.

How To Recover Lost/Forgotten Gmail Password:-

Loosing passwords feels very frustrating when you cannot seem to log into your account specifically when you have not backed up your account information elsewhere. Following are the simple steps through which your Gmail Account can be easily retrieved.

Step 1) First of all go to Once you have reached the page, choose the Account Help Page option given at the same page.

Step 2) You will be shown a page where you need to click on I Do Not Know My Password, then you will insert the email address of your Gmail Account. Lastly, click on Continue for further proceedings.

Step 3) The next window will ask you to Verify Your Identity. This is an easy as well as effective way to get back access to your account because if you have linked up an alternate email address or a phone number with your account, you can simply request the security concerns to send you a verification code to either one of your provided email address or phone number.

Step 4) Choose your desired verification option. The link to the Password Recovery Page will be sent to one of your selected methods to recover your Gmail Password.

Step 5) If you choose the I don’t use these anymore option then you will have to fill out a short form to get access back to your account.

This is the basic information that you provided at time of Signing up for your account to see if you are the actual owner of the account or if someone is trying to hack your account, enter as much information as possible. Once you’re done submitting correct information, you should be able to receive a submission confirmation window.

Step 6) Depending on how accurate you have submitted your information, you will receive an email from Gmail declaring the success of your request.

Step 7) If you are successful, you will receive an account recovery code. Enter the Recovery Code in the given field. Select the Use Recovery Code option.

Step 8) Proceed further with completing the password recovery procedure.

By following the steps given above, you can access your Gmail Account easily.

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