How to send an Attachment along with an email in Gmail

While composing a written email we often want to attach an image, an audio / video clip, zip files, a word document or any other media along with our email.

This is when we need to use this feature of Gmail that has been offered to us through which we can attach media along with our emails. Following are the easy steps by which we can send an attachment along with our emails:

1: First of all, open your Gmail Account by entering your correct email address and password in the given boxes. Now as you have opened your account, start by composing a new email.

When you compose your new email look for the Attach A File option given on the same page. However, if you do not see this Attach A File option, you can also click on Browse or Choose File option which is given at the down side of this page.

2: As of now as you have connected to your Google account, a list of multiple Folders will open where you will have to select the folder of your choice from your computer storage.

3: Then you will be asked in what way do you want your file to be uploaded that is either as an attached copy with the email or to be uploaded on Google Drive which is a shared document so that two or more people can work on a single document simultaneously.

Also, it must be noted that Gmail has a particular size limit for its attachments and that is 25 mb. Files which are bigger than this 25 mb limit cannot be sent as an attachment copy hence this Google Drive feature has been offered by Gmail to make this process hassle free for its users.

4: Lastly, your attached file will be uploaded to your composed email, wait while it is being fully uploaded. Once the uploading is done, it will then be shown attached along with your email as a part of it.

If you want to add more text or multiple attachments continue editing your email and if you do not want to add anything else just simply click on the Send button and your email will be sent to your Preferred Recipient.

By following the steps given above you can easily send an attachment along with an email sent from your Gmail account.

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