How to sign in into multiple Gmail accounts at the same time

Most of us have more than one email address and most of us want to keep logged in to all of our email accounts simultaneously. However, our wish could not be made possible since the web based email service providers only offer one email account to be signed in at a time.

But now Gmail App has offered this amazingly advanced feature through which you can sign in to your multiple Gmail Accounts at once. All you need is a desktop or a laptop computer to use the feature. The following steps can be used to login into more than one Gmail Accounts together:-

Step No. 1) First of all you will have to sign in into one of your Multiple Gmail Accounts by entering the correct email address and password of that account.

However, if you were already logged into to one of your Gmail Accounts and you want to skip that account and login into another account, look for the Sign In button placed at the top right corner of this page, this will lead you to enter the email address and password of that other account which you want to login into.

Step No. 2) Now as you are logged in into your account, you will see your the first letter of your name and profile display picture at the top of this page.

You can click either on the first highlighted letter of your name or your profile display picture and it will open a list of options in which you need to select Add Account.

Step No. 3) Once you have pressed Add Account, you can sign into your another account by entering the email address and password of your Gmail Account.

However, the fact must be kept in mind that you can only combine up to 10 accounts together and in order to navigate through your multiple accounts you can simply click on your profile display picture and all of your accounts can be accessed from here.

Step No. 4)
Your default Gmail Account is selected by itself and it automatically appears right after you open the Google App. Nevertheless, there is no available option yet by which you can swap your default account with any other account until or unless you log out of all the other accounts and sign in into one account that you want to use.

By following the steps given above you can easily sign in into your Multiple Gmail Accounts at the same time.

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