Reason why Gmail is better than other mail services?

Gmail (vocalized as Jee-Mel) is a web based email service that has been produced by the Team Google. Gmail allows its users to send and receive emails free of cost.

Apart from only sending/receiving emails, Gmail provides its users large amounts of storage so that they could organize and save their messages safely. The Gmail app also offers this feature that it organizes the related messages of one email so it appears like a Chat Box.

As per the comments of Co-Founder and President of Google Mr. Larry Page, the main purpose of the creation of Gmail was to avoid the problems faced by the people that used existing email services on regular basis.

Mr. Larry Page says that users would always complaint about how they run out of storage in their email accounts and then they have to delete messages in order to retain memory.

At that time, the two biggest email service providers were Yahoo! Mail and Microsoft Hotmail and they provided very little storage.

Yahoo mail provided 4 megabytes and Microsoft Hotmail provided 2 megabytes for the storage of their users’ email messages and they also charged money for the provision of extra storage.

Why is Gmail better than other email providing service?

The best email service provider is the one which not only focuses on quickness and immutableness but must also proves to be trustworthy and offers junk email control.

Gmail app can be considered as an example of this since it provides such an email experience which is truly matchless. The following are the features which compare and contrast proving How Gmail Is Better Than Other Email Service:-

1) Junk Email Control:

Being a frequent user of email service your email address gets popular and that when you start to receive a handful of spam junk emails which would eventually trespass into your inbox without your consent.

It feels even more frustrating than it sounds. This is when Gmail App proves to be the saviour because Gmail has created a separate inbox for the Spammed content so that it would not interfere into your current inbox.

2) Active Filtering Process:-

One feature that makes Gmail absolutely incompetent with the rest of the email providers is its Filtering Feature. Google allows its users to find a decades old file within a matter of seconds.

Gone are the days when users would keep on searching with multiple keywords for one email or one file. Gmail’s active filter helps the users to find their long lost files which the other email services still lack in provision.

3) Broadcast:-

Another attractive feature of Gmail which makes it stand out is how it arranges our email messages and compile it one Conversational Thread.

In this modern era where people are in constant communication through email messages, going through each and every email again and again sounds very complexed and this feature offered by Gmail makes our email messages just a tap ahead.

The features mentioned above make Gmail is better than any other email service provider.

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